Frequently Asked Questions

Cathedral Parish Group Talking

Why is the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch engaging on the Cathedral location?

What happened to the decision that was made in 2019?

Who chose the three potential sites?

Who will make the final decision?

Why is Barbadoes Street the Bishop’s proposed site?

Has the Bishop already made his decision?

What facilities will sit in the Cathedral precinct?

Will the Parish office be with the Diocesan offices?

How much will the Cathedral project cost? How will it be funded?

When will the Cathedral be built?

Who has the Bishop engaged with?

What is the timeframe for this process?

How does a Cathedral help us deliver God’s mission?

Why is carparking important?

If the Cathedral precinct moves to Barbadoes Street, what will happen to St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral?

If the Cathedral precinct moves to the proposed Barbadoes Street site, what will happen to the land at Armagh St site?

Can St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral be modified or expanded?

Will St Mary’s Primary School be moved to the new site?

What happens to all funds raised so far?

Wouldn’t it be better to spend this money on mission?

Will the new stadium, Te Kaha, impact the Barbadoes Street site?

There’s talk of selling assets – what are they likely to be?

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