Leaving Gifts to the Church


If you would like to discuss leaving a gift with us, please contact Damian Powick, legacies@cdoc.nz or call 03 366 9869.

Your gift will help shape the future of your diocese. Your Will is a celebration of your life, a reflection of who you are and what you value most. From the people you love, to the causes you support, your Will is an opportunity to make a lasting difference. 

Leaving a gift to the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch is a powerful way of celebrating your Catholic faith and supporting the work of your diocese. And it is easy to do. 

Your gift will leave a legacy of faith and support the mission of your parish, the Catholic Church, and the faith of future generations. 

How to leave a Legacy:

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Leaving a gift in your Will is easy. Begin by reflecting on what is important to you and talk to your loved ones.

Next, talk to your legal advisor. If you already have an existing Will, you won’t need to write a new one. Your lawyer can write up a codicil and add this to your Will. 

If you decide to leave a gift to the diocese in your Will, here is some important information to use: 

  • Our Name: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Christchurch Diocesan Trust
  • Our Charity Registration Number: CC33341 
  • Our Address: PO Box 4544, Christchurch 8140 

We would love to know if you have left a gift to the Diocese. We want to thank you for remembering the Diocese in your Will and discuss what you hope your gift will help to accomplish.  

Please email Damian Powick, legacies@cdoc.nz or call 03 366 9869 for more information or to share your Legacy with us. 

Testimonial - David & Lois Attwood

The generosity of David and Lois Attwood is an outward reflection of their Catholic faith.

The couple are selfless, freely giving of their time and resources to benefit the Opihi Parish and wider community. Both David and Lois are members on the parish council; David is the parish property manager and Lois is a eucharist minister. As well as serving the parish with their time, David and Lois have donated generously by making a pledge and leaving a much larger gift in their Will. “Leaving a gift in our Will has allowed us to be major donors”, says David. “It doesn’t cost anything now, but will have a big impact in the future.”

The couple don’t dwell too much on what they have done though. “We have been married 54 years, and during that time, our faith has always been part of our daily lives. It was an easy decision to make,” says David. “It reflects our desire to see the work of the church continue after we are gone. Until then, we’ll keep on serving as best we can.”

Gift quote remembering the church

“I want to build upon the history of my family as benefactors, givers, and volunteers to our Church. This is a part of our family’s tradition.”

Linda O’Brien, Christchurch East Parish

“I am inspired to give to the Church because of the history of our families here in Akaroa. My grandchildren are the seventh generation to be part of this parish. I give to honour those who came before us, and to demonstrate our willingness to give to those still to come.”

Ged Foley, Akaroa Parish