Parish of
St Augustine of Canterbury
Mid Canterbury

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The Catholic Parish of St Augustine of Canterbury is one where faith, worship and service take center stage. 

Rooted in the teachings of Christ, the parish strives to strengthen your spiritual journey by fostering a culture of unwavering faith, inspiring individuals and families to deepen their connection with God. The parish actively engages in acts of compassion and selflessness, extending Christ's love to those in need. 

The parish embraces the profound beauty of faith and the joy of serving others, united in shared commitment to live out the Gospel in daily life.


PO Box 62
Ashburton 7740

P: 03 308 6793

Our People

Parish Priest: Fr Joselito Quinones

Assistant Priest: Fr Peter Costello (Semi Retired)

Parish Secretary: Anna Aguila

Our Churches

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Our Primary Schools