Frequently Asked Questions

Cathedral Parish Group Talking

What is Bishop Michael’s vision for the future ?

Why is the Barbadoes Street the location for the Cathedral?

Why not remodel St Mary’s Pro Cathedral and what will happen to it?

What will happen to the land at Armagh Street site?

What facilities will sit in the Cathedral precinct?

What is the purpose of a Cathedral?

How much will the Cathedral project cost? How will it be funded?

What happens to all funds raised so far?

Why don’t you spend the money for the Cathedral on helping the poor and marginalised?

When will the Cathedral be built?

Are the ground conditions for the Barbadoes Street site suitable?

Where on the site will you build the Cathedral?

Who is going to design the Cathedral?

What will you do about traffic and public transport in that area?

What will carparking look like?

What is the plan for schools on the Cathedral site?

Did you consider building a combined Cathedral with the Anglicans?

Will the Parish office be with the Diocesan offices?

Is the Diocese still communicating with Philip Carter?

Will the new stadium, Te Kaha, impact the Barbadoes Street site?

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