Bishop Michael & Anglican Bishop Ross Bay in Rome & Canterbury for international dialogue

IARCCUM Conference

Bishop Michael, along with the Anglican Bishop of Auckland, Ross Bay, represented New Zealand at the International Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission (IARCCUM) conference.

The gathering was called Growing Together. More than 50 bishops, in pairs of Catholics and Anglicans representing 27 regions of the world, took part in the first such event since 2016. IARCCUM aims to foster closer co-operation between the Anglican and Roman Catholic traditions and to put into practice progress made in theological conversations.

Visiting holy sites, the bishops prayed together, reflected and learned from one another. There is an aspiration to discuss ways of growing together in joint witness and mission in the world.

Bishop Michael said he was inspired by the rich history of IARCCUM during the gathering. “It has been a deep privilege to join with fellow bishops of our respective churches from around the world, hearing their stories and, in many cases, their profound challenges, while continuing to celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ we share,” Bishop Michael said.

Bishop Bay attended the last IARCCUM summit in 2016. He said walking alongside Bishop Michael, with whom he serves as a co-chair of the local New Zealand Anglican-Catholic dialogue, has opened up opportunities.

“As a result of being together here I hope that we will grow in our commitment to express our unity in more tangible ways through our common mission,” said Bishop Bay.

Among the highlights of the gathering was a liturgy for the participating bishops with Pope Francis and with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

On 25 January, at the tomb of St Paul in Rome, Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby commissioned the bishops “in pairs, to be witnesses to Christian unity”, before the bishops moved to Canterbury from January 26 to 29 and discussed the future work of IARCCUM.

Published in Inform Issue 140 - Lent 2024