Casting out the NET into the Diocesan Deep

30 June 2023

This year the Diocese of Christchurch welcomed a NET Ministries team to minister to young people in our parishes, schools, and other communities.

NET 1 1

After arriving in mid February, they hit the ground running, covering an impressive amount of the diocese.

So far, they have offered 60 days of ministry to approximately 1,500 young people. As well as the important ministry in schools, they also helped launch the new Youth Group in the Holy Family Parish, Timaru, and served at camps in the Christchurch North and West parishes.

Embracing the spirit of hospitality, April saw NET open their own house to host a very popular Young Adults barbecue. The team is being well received wherever they are ministering. Villa Maria College chaplain Phoebe Bryant remarked that "It's been a real blessing to also bring in the NET team and have their presence in our school. Their witness as young Catholics who are actively living out their faith is radical and beautiful."

Published in Inform Issue 137