Dio Date Night

17 September 2023

JPII Dio Date Night 2023

On 15 July, the John Paul II Centre ran their annual Diocesan Date Night event. The Dio Date Night is an event for married couples from all of the Christchurch parishes, where they can take some time out of their busy lives to relax with each other and other Catholic couples. This year the Dio Date Night was held at the Commodore Hotel, with Simon and Angela Archer as the guest speakers. The Archers shared their story about how they met and how they grew in the Catholic faith. They then went on to relate some of their experiences of raising a family of 11 children.

“My husband and I went to the Dio date night and absolutely loved it! From the fabulous buffet food (which was delicious), to meeting new couples and socializing, and everything in between. Simon and Angela (our guest speakers) were really entertaining and informative; it was super helpful to be able to hear about their faith journey with their 11 kids, and ask for their tips for new families like ourselves, who are just starting out. I could not recommend it enough! We definitely would love to go again!” - Madalyn

“My husband and I attended the recent Dio Date Night. It was a relaxed evening that included a delicious meal and an inspiring couple speak about their marriage journey. It was a good opportunity to take time out for our marriage as well as chat to other married couples from around the Diocese. Overall, it was a great evening, and we look forward to the next one.” - Emily