“A vocation is the calling or destiny we have in this life and hereafter. God has created the human person to love and serve him; the fulfillment of this vocation is eternal happiness. Christ calls the faithful to the perfection of holiness. The vocation of the laity consists in seeking the Kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and directing them according to God’s will. Priestly and religious vocations are dedicated to the service of the Church as the universal sacrament of salvation.”

– Cathechism of the Catholic Church

Vocations Sr Giovana Maria Reduced

Vocations in the Christchurch Diocese of Christchurch

A vocation is a call from God to live your life as He has called you to live. It is the giving of your entire self to Him out of love for Him. For you are called to learn to love Him in the life so you can see Him, as He is, face to face in our lives to come. We daily live this in our sacrifice for Him and for our neighbor, by following His simple command, to take up our cross, to follow Him and to learn how to lay down our lives for Him and for His people.

Discerning a Vocation

Discernment is the process by which you discover God’s will. The process enables you to distinguish between movements coming from God and impulses that are not from God. 

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Religious Life

Consecrated Virgins

See below our seminarians who are currently training to become priests. Please keep our seminarians in your prayers.